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Are you looking to get cash for a car? Not sure how much your old car is worth? If this is a situation you have experienced you probably asked yourself “should I sell my car for cash?” The major issue you were probably curious about is how much cash you would receive for your junk vehicle. Most people who are considering or have considered cash for junk cars don’t have a reliable resource to find out how much their car is actually worth.

There are many elements that affect how much your car is worth. The first is the year, make, and model of your vehicle. Certain makes, models, and years of cars are more desirable than others. The second is the condition of the car. If the car runs and drives it is worth more than a non runner. Other factors that affect the worth of your car are if the car is complete or missing parts and how much the car weighs. One of the most important elements that effect the amount of money you will get for your scrap or junk car is the status of the scrap metal market.

Auto salvage and wrecking yards buy cars for the weight of the scrap metal and the parts on the car. This means that if the scrap market is high, you will get more for your vehicle. If the market is down you will get less for your vehicle. The scrap metal market prices rise and fall with the supply and demand of different types of steel metal.

Now that you have more knowledge about what your car is really worth, the next time you are ask yourself “who should I sell my car for cash to” you will know how much money to realistically expect for your vehicle. If you’re located in the Chicago area and looking to get cash for a car consider using North Shore Recycling. They are one of the most well known auto wrecking yards in the Chicago area. North Shore also has a towing branch, so you will only have to deal with one company. North Shore has knowledgeable staff who are specialists in paying cash for junk cars and will quote you the proper price for your vehicle. You can learn more about North Shore Towing & Recycling at or call them at (847)745-2008.