North Shore Towing, a towing company in Evanston, IL that serves Chicago and surrounding suburbs; takes pride in their training program for their tow truck drivers. The most recent addition to the driver’s training program requires drivers to complete the Wreckmaster training program. Wreckmaster is the towing industry’s premier training course. Although it is not an industry requirement for tow companies and their drivers, the wreckmaster training program teaches proper towing recovery skills and techniques. The Wreckmaster Course focuses on car and truck towing and lessons are taught both in the classroom and also in the field with real life situations.

North Shore Towing has risen above other tow companies by continuing to go above and beyond industry and customer expectations. North Shore Towing believes that providing the best training for their employees directly affects the customers overall satisfaction with the company. “Drivers that are confident in the services they are providing will do the job right the first time without any damages”, said Bob Cole, founder and owner of North Shore Towing. Bob founded the company in 1979 and still repairs and drives the trucks himself as needed. Bob recently purchased 2 heavy duty tow trucks for towing recovery and truck towing. He believes the success and continued growth of his company is because he has always invested in his people, technology, and equipment. “In this competitive industry, you always have to find new and creative ways to edge out the competition”, said Bob.

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