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North Shore Junk Car Buyer is a successful and highly-regarded family-owned and operated company that started in 1979 and is part of North Shore, Inc. We are viewed as the Chicagoland area’s best place for all your automotive needs, including: junk car buying, used auto sales, towing, used auto parts and auto wrecking. Something that has made North Shore Junk Car Buyer quite successful is the Cash for Junk Car Chicago program. The program has the customer in mind; they can trade in their old vehicle in for some cold-hard cash! North Shore Junk Car Buyer will pay the most possible for your junk car based on whatever the current selling price is for all trucks, used cars and vans – whether operating or not! The process is quite easy, call 800-683-0425, we will arrange pick up your vehicle, and then we will pay you for your junk car! It’s that easy! The best news is that no matter what the condition of your vehicle is in, we will take it regardless if there is damage to it. More recently, we have seen a spike in the amount of Broadview citizens that have contacted us at North Shore Junk Car Buyer about getting a free junk car estimate. Just call us and we can do the same for you!

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Just 8-miles northwest of where you will find Downtown Chicago area is the village of Broadview, Illinois. There are plenty of people who are living in Broadview, which is over 53,000. Individuals taking up residence in Broadview these days end up choosing North Shore Junk Car Buyer for buying their junk cars. It is because they have heard about our great reputation of offering the best dollars for junk cars and prefer us over the competition. For over three-decades, we’ve helped the Broadview citizens with turning their junk cars right into money! When our Broadview customers give call our office a call about taking their junk cars, North Shore Junk Car Buyer’s offers a fair quote for their out-dated vehicles and arranges for pick-up. If you live in Broadview, you know who to call for all of your junk car needs.

Broadview Cash For Junk Cars

Throughout the entire Chicago area, North Shore Junk Car Buyer has furnished fast and helpful towing junk car service at no cost to them. Just contact us by calling or emailing, we will reply back and give you the best possible market price of your junk car. At North Shore Junk Car Buyer, we make it easy for you once you provide the information and the place of your junk car, and we’ll take it within 24 hours. Getting cash for junk cars is not anything difficult! North Shore Junk Car Buyer is here and ready to help you with relocation towing, used car sales, auto parts, towing, auto donations, junk car, and auto wrecking needs. To find out more about our great services or about our Cash for Junk Car Chicago program, pick up the phone and call us right now.

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