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Isuzu on flatbed for Heavy Duty Towing I294

Heavy Duty Towing I294 of Flatbed

Fast Response to Inoperable Isuzu for Heavy Towing I294 Heavy Duty Towing on I-294 was required when an Isuzu flatbed truck stalled on the highway. The small, flatbed just shut…
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Alex using wheel lift of wrecker for heavy duty towing of ambulance

Heavy Duty Towing of Ambulance in Evanston

Ambulance Needs Rescuing for Heavy Duty Towing 800-481-7505 Sometimes even rescue vehicles need help and heavy duty towing was needed on December 9, when a sedan slammed into an Evanston…
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Rental Box Truck Needs Heavy Towing

Box Truck Folds Like Accordion and Needs Heavy Towing Heavy towing in was needed when a damaged rental box truck needed to be stored in our Northbrook location.   We…
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