Cicero Heavy Duty Towing

North Shore Towing is capable of towing medium and heavy duty trucks, vans, trailers, tractors, buses, and more.


Cicero Heavy Duty Towing


The primary Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area known heavy-duty truck towing company is North Shore Towing. Our family-owned and operated business is recognized and known since 1979. After all the years we have been in business, our customers do know they will get great services with our fleet of 30-tow trucks. We have a varied range of medium duty, flat beds, wheel lifts, heavy duty and a number of car carrier tow trucks accessible. Also, we have the capacity to be able to tow vehicles of all sizes. Primarily since our Wreckmaster-trained, accredited heavy-duty tow truck drivers have jointly towed greater than 1,000,000 vehicles up to date. Furthermore, North Shore Towing is consistently available every day, 24 hours a day and for the duration of all 365 days. With that all in mind, when you need one of our professional services, North Shore Towing is the company to trust. To get assistance now, just give us a call right now and our knowledgeable dispatcher will connect you with a well-informed heavy-duty tow truck driver located close by you by utilizing our innovative GPS dispatch system. Nowadays, there has been a sudden rise in the number of Cicero auto owners that have gotten in touch with North Shore Towing for service, and we can do the same for you!

Cicero Heavy Duty Tow Truck

Cicero, Illinois has right around 84,000 residents currently and is found right in Cook County. Evanston is where you will find one of the locations of North Shore Towing, and it is 27.2 miles northeast of Cicero. Northbrook where you will find the other location of North Shore Towing, and it is 31.3 miles northwest of Cicero. Every year the number grows as more of the Cicero residents require heavy duty towing services. North Shore Towing is considered the leading heavy truck towing company that is discovered in the North Shore area because not every heavy duty truck towing service is even comes close to ours. To make sure that our Cicero clients’ semi truck towing needs are taken care of appropriately, we have accessible a 30-tow truck fleet, and so we are able to offer a range of different heavy duty towing services to our customers, from emergency heavy truck towing and vehicle removal all the way to bigger services like commercial semi towing and heavy duty towing services.

Cicero Heavy Duty Truck Towing

North Shore Towing has proudly been serving the entire Chicagoland area for about 35 years. As you can probably tell, our heavy-duty towing services are the most wanted in the area. So, when comparing us to the competition, there is no comparison because we have the specialized semi tow trucks on hand with the ability tow even the larger-sized vehicles as big as semi trucks and trailers. Currently, out heavy duty towing and general towing expert services are taken advantage by countless dealerships, auto shops, police departments, fleet companies, insurance companies, municipalities and trucking companies across the nation. If you find you need a heavy truck towing company that you can trust, just give North Shore Towing a call at: (800) 481-7505 when you are ready.

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We’ve completed 1,000,000 plus towing service jobs since the company started in 1979. We’re proud of who we are, what we’ve done, where we’ve been, and where we’re going. Hard work, dedication, passion, and a commitment to customer service is what this company was built on and the reason we continue to grow.