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North Shore Towing & Semi Truck Heavy Wrecker provides a multitude of different types of towing service

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North Shore Towing & Semi Truck Heavy Wrecker was first founded in 1979 by Robert Cole. Today, North Shore Towing & Semi Truck Heavy Wrecker Company is still family owned and operated and offers a variety of diversified towing services. We now operate a 30-tow truck fleet, including flat beds, wheel lifts, medium duty, heavy duty, and multiple car carrier tow trucks. We have the capabilities and knowledge to tow your vehicle no matter what or how big it is. 

Since opening in 1979, our Wreckmaster trained and certified tow truck drivers have completed over 1,000,000 successful tows. At North Shore Towing & Semi Truck Heavy Wrecker, we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days per year. If you need a tow, think no further than North Shore Towing & Semi Truck Heavy Wrecker. We are here for you anytime day or night. All it takes is one call, and our live dispatcher will direct you to one of our local tow truck drivers via our extensive GPS dispatch system. 

Recently, more and more Evanston auto owners have been putting their trust in our towing services. We were able to help them get their vehicle where it needed to be and we can do the same for you! Our Evanston towing services are the perfect answer to your queries for an Evanston tow truck near me. We’re the reliable Evanston towing company that everyone trusts!

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Evanston, Illinois is just north of Chicago in Cook County and is home to over 74,000 residents. In addition, Evanston is home to Northwestern University and nearly 8,500 companies. Each year, countless Evanston residents and businesses alike find themselves in need of towing service. When this happens, they call North Shore Towing & Semi Truck Heavy Wrecker — not because we are located just down the road, but rather because we are the most reliable and trusted Evanston towing company in the North Shore area

We understand that not every towing service is the same. To ensure that your towing needs are being properly met, we have a 30-tow truck fleet at our disposal and provide a variety of different Evanston towing services, ranging from emergency towing and vehicle removal to commercial towing and heavy-duty towing. Next time, you need an Evanston tow truck near me, think no further than North Shore Towing & Semi Truck Heavy Wrecker. We have what it takes to tow your vehicle where it needs to be, no matter the make, model, or size!

Evanston Towing Service

North Shore Towing & Semi Truck Heavy Wrecker has proudly served Chicago and the surrounding suburbs for over three decades. Since opening, our Evanston towing company, as well as the Evanston towing services we offer, has changed significantly. Today, we do it all, including flatbed towing, roadside assistance, commercial towing, relocation towing, police towing, medium-duty towing, heavy-duty towing, transport towing, charity towing, luxury car towing, and much more. Our heavy-duty towing services are among our most sought after. 

Our general Evanston towing services are currently being utilized by hundreds of dealerships, auto shops, police departments, insurance companies, municipalities, fleet companies, and trucking companies across the nation. If you need a Evanston towing company you can count on, give North Shore Towing & Semi Truck Heavy Wrecker a call. We make towing your vehicle easier than you ever thought it could be! Anytime you’re searching for an Evanston tow truck near me, look no further than North Shore.

Evanston Malls and Shopping Centers We Serve

  • Evanston Plaza — 1968 Dempster Street, Evanston, IL 60202
  • Church Street Plaza — 900 Clark St, Evanston, IL 60201
  • Sherman Plaza — 1600-1620 Sherman Ave, Evanston, IL 60201

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We’ve completed 1,000,000 plus towing service jobs since the company started in 1979. We’re proud of who we are, what we’ve done, where we’ve been, and where we’re going. Hard work, dedication, passion, and a commitment to customer service is what this company was built on and the reason we continue to grow.