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Highland Park Auto Wrecking Yard

North Shore Auto Wrecking is a branch of North Shore, Inc., full service auto wrecking and auto recycling business. As a part of our auto wrecking business, we buy junk cars and sell used cars in our advanced and systematized salvage operations in Chicagoland and the surrounding areas. North Shore Auto Wrecking is a family owned and operated company that was founded in 1979 by Bob Cole. As one of the most established and largest wrecking yards in the business, North Shore Auto Wrecking is able to find almost any part imaginable. You can always depend upon our conscientious team of experts have the capacity and know-how to recycle old junk cars and use the undamaged parts from the auto wrecking yard and sell the impaired parts for scrap to commercial wholesale dealers and the public. North Shore Auto Wrecking is open and 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days per year. Furthermore, North Shore Auto Wrecking’s dependable staff can be depended upon to not only exceed the expectations of the industry, but also the expectations of our customers. We have been providing auto wrecking services to our customers in Highland Park for more three decades. North Shore Auto Wrecking always undertakes to beat our competition at what we do, and we are wholly devoted to providing only the best services to our clients in our auto wrecking company. No wonder the residents in Highland Park continue to utilize the auto wrecking services at North Shore Auto Wrecking for all of their individual auto wrecking needs.

Highland Park Auto Wrecking

Highland Park, Illinois is 23 miles north of the Chicago Loop in Lake County. Highland Park is a prestigious community with many unique restaurants, jewelry stores, and national retailers. In fact, Highland Park has 32,000 residents and is regarded as one of the Top 100 Safest Cities in the United States! Many Highland Park residents have recently contacted North Shore Auto Wrecking about our outstanding auto wrecking program. We have two convenient locations in the region – one in Evanston and another one in Northbrook – where you can go to get our auto wrecking services. North Shore Auto Wrecking has all same values our customers have. That’s why our Highland Park neighbors come to us and why they recommend us to their family, friends and colleagues who need auto wrecking services. Our highly-skilled employees have the highest standards in the industry! You can rely upon our courteous North Shore Auto Wrecking personnel to give you the best services for the most reasonable prices.

Highland Park Auto Salvage Yard

Highland Park residents confirm that North Shore Auto Wrecking is one of the most progressive and organized auto salvage yards in the industry. We can always be counted on for having your auto wrecking wants and needs in mind. Consequently, North Shore Auto Wrecking has been capable of making sure our company serves all its customers in the best way possible. This is because North Shore Auto Wrecking has the habit of investing in the most sophisticated technology and equipment, and most significantly, investing in our trusting customers. North Shore Auto Wrecking provides the most extraordinary service for the most reasonable prices. We stand by our pledge to help the residents in Highland Park and the rest of the Chicagoland area with our advanced auto wrecking services and our dedication to the people we serve. To learn all you need to know about North Shore Auto Wrecking call us, today. We look forward to helping you and are prepared to answer all your questions when you call us.

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