Who Pays the Most Cash for Junk Cars in Chicago?

We pay top dollar for your junk car or vehicle in 3 easy steps! Serving all of Chicago & suburbs.

One of the perks of living in this great city is having choices for anything you desire. Whether its food, nightlife, or sporting events, you can always find several options for everything. This also extends to companies who pay cash for junk cars in Chicago. You can probably find more than a dozen in the city, but who pays the most?  North Shore Towing & Semi Truck Heavy Wrecker offers market value for your junk car and tows it away for free. If you would rather receive a $500 tax write off, North Shore will also help you donate your vehicle to your favorite local and national charity. The most cash for your junk car in Chicago and free towing? Sounds like a deal to me!

Call for a Quote and Pickup

To get started call North Shore Towing & Semi Truck Heavy Wrecker’s Junk Car hotline at 1-800-683-0425 to speak with a representative. You can also email them at [email protected]. After taking your personal information and vehicle details, the employee will soon have a quote for you based on the current market value of the vehicle. At this point you can decide if you would like the cash or a $500 write off for next year’s taxes. Once the money is settled you can select your most convenient time for a pickup within the next 24 hours of the call. North Shore Towing & Semi Truck Heavy Wrecker will work around your schedule to arrive when it is most suitable for your lifestyle.

 Say Hello to Cash and a Free Tow

When the North Shore tow truck arrives, the driver will hand over your cash, hook the vehicle, and tow it out of your life for free! Just think; less than 24 hours ago you had a hunk of junk taking up space on your property and now you have a pocket full of cash and all that space back. It couldn’t be any easier or faster.

Most of the junk cars are sold for Chicago used car parts, so if you need some for your everyday vehicle be sure to stop by one of North Shore’s lots in Northbrook and Evanston. They have a wide selection of used car parts in Chicago and an employee will happily help you search for any specific part.

Are you ready to get the most cash for your junk car in Chicago? Call North Shore Towing & Semi Truck Heavy Wrecker today!

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