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North Shore Towing is capable of towing medium and heavy duty trucks, vans, trailers, tractors, buses, and more.


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North Shore Towing is the foremost, family-owned and operated heavy duty truck towing business that has been helping customers through the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area ever since 1979. Being known as the foremost diversified heavy truck towing company within the area, we operate a 30-tow truck fleet which includes flat beds heavy duty, medium duty and also multiple car carrier tow trucks. Moreover, we have the skill and knowledge to tow your vehicle no matter its size. Actually, our qualified and Wreckmaster-trained heavy duty tow truck drivers have finished greater than 1,000,000 successful tows. On top of that, North Shore Towing is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days per year, so if you would like our services, the very name you ought to know is – North Shore Towing. All you need to do is make the phone call now, and our live dispatcher will properly direct your phone call to one of our nearby heavy duty tow truck drivers via our comprehensive GPS dispatch system in order to help you get the support you require. Just recently, lots of Mount Prospect auto owners have put their trust in North Shore Towing.

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Mount Prospect, Illinois has nearly 54,100 locals and is found right within Cook County. Evanston is where you will find one of the two places of where North Shore Towing is found, is a little bit lower than 9 miles northeast of Mount Prospect. Northbrook is where you will discover the other place of North Shore Towing, is located nearly 19 miles northeast of Mount Prospect. Every year, plenty of Mount Prospect locals really need heavy duty towing services. North Shore Towing is accepted as the most dependable and trustworthy heavy truck towing company found in the Chicagoland area. Not every last heavy duty truck towing service is similar. To make certain that our Mount Prospect customers’ semi truck towing specifications are being adequately fulfilled, we’ve got a 30-tow truck fleet at our disposal, and we can offer a number of diverse heavy duty towing services, including vehicle removal and emergency heavy truck towing to even commercial semi towing and heavy duty towing.

Mount Prospect Heavy Duty Truck Towing

Currently, North Shore Towing has been serving the Chicagoland and bordering suburbs for over 30-years. Our heavy-duty towing services are among the most sought-after in the vicinity. As opposed to the competition in the area, we have the special semi tow trucks and other capabilities to tow large vehicles, for instance semi trucks and trailers. Our heavy duty towing and general towing services are at moment utilized by hundreds of auto shops, dealerships, fleet companies, police departments, insurance companies, municipalities and also trucking companies all through the country. If you really need a heavy truck towing company you can rely on North Shore Towing. Just give us a quick phone call at: (800) 481-7505.

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We’ve completed 1,000,000 plus towing service jobs since the company started in 1979. We’re proud of who we are, what we’ve done, where we’ve been, and where we’re going. Hard work, dedication, passion, and a commitment to customer service is what this company was built on and the reason we continue to grow.