North Shore Recycling installs state of the art used Auto Parts Locator Software System

July, 2010-North Shore Recycling just installed a state of the art used auto parts locator software system. The program is called Powerlink; it hooks up to another used auto parts locator called Eden, which allows junk yards and auto salvage yards across the country to run used auto parts search queries. By utilizing the most up to date technology and software North Shore Recycling can give it’s auto parts customers the best prices in town and also locate auto parts no matter how rare or specific they may be. The other major benefit to using this type of technology is that North Shore Recycling will be giving its customers who search for used auto parts online access to their inventory and their network of inventory at other locations.

North Shore Recycling has also recently updated their website and will be expanding the services on their website to include a section dedicated to conducting searches for used auto parts online. The other great tool that North Shore Recycling has put into play is listing their complete inventory on This website allows consumers to search for the part they need and contact the company directly via instant message, phone, or email.
By using the most up to date technological systems North Shore Recycling makes their primary goal to give their customer the best service and price for used auto parts in the Chicago area.

To contact North Shore Recycling about used auto parts please call (847) 864-2895, email them at ,or visit where you can fill out a form on their website and get an immediate response.

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