February, 2012-North Shore Towing & Recycling provided Monster Jam with junk cars for the monster trucks to crush and drive over.
If you are a monster truck fan, you would have loved this show! There was tons of action especially when one of the trucks flipped over!
North Shore Recycling runs a full service auto wrecking yard in Evanston, IL, a Chicago suburb.

North Shore also sells used auto parts. North Shore also pays cash for junk cars. If you have an old beater that you are looking to get rid of call North Shore today!

To contact North Shore about junking your car please call (800) 683-0425, or email them at junkcarbuyer@northshore-inc.com , or visit www.northshoretowinginc.com/auto-wrecking-services/cash-for-your-car/ where you can fill out a form on their website and get an immediate response.

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