If you have ever been behind the wheel when a car breaks down, you understand the wave of emotions that rush over you. Anger. Disbelief. Fear. Concern. None of these are pleasant to have on their own let alone all at once. And depending where you are or where you were going, you need to resolve this unexpected issue fast. Luckily for most Chicagoans, a North Shore Towing truck is not far away and can quickly offer a variety of services. Whether you’re broken down on the Eisenhower or up in Winnetka, towing should never be an issue.

North Shore Towing Can Handle Any Towing Job!

North Shore Towing operates out of two yards in Evanston and Northbrook and has been serving motorists in Chicago for over three decades. With over 30 trucks in their fleet, North Shore Towing is able to handle jobs ranging from a compact car to a fully loaded 18-wheeler. In fact, North Shore Towing has completed over 1,000,000 tows since they opened their doors and staff only wreckmaster trained and certified drivers.

If you’re wondering how North Shore Towing can arrive to a call so fast, it’s all in the logistics. When you call for a tow you speak to a live dispatcher who will quickly take down your information regarding your location and the services you need. Using their large GPS screen, the North Shore Towing dispatchers will find the closest truck to you and send them your way immediately. Their vast experience has allowed them to provide the best Winnetka towing available for years.

Offering Emergency Services

In addition to their towing services, North Shore Towing also offers emergency services such as jump starts, tire changes, and lockouts. And if you have a junk car you wish you could rid of, you are in luck as well! North Shore Towing will haul your junk car away for free and sell it for Chicago used auto parts in one of their stock lots. North Shore Towing understands the need for quality Chicago used automotive parts and has a wide selection for all makes and models.

So if you need of a comprehensive Winnetka towing company to keep in your phone in case of an emergency, add North Shore Towing (800-481-7505) to your address book!