Types of Trucks – Towing Trucks, Monster Trucks and More!

The Tow TruckA tow truck is called by many names: a wrecker, a breakdown truck, recovery truck or a breakdown lorry. Tow trucks bring vehicles to a repair shop in case of breakdowns or collisions or they retrieve vehicles which ran off the road. They also tow vehicles which are impounded for legal reasons.In 1916, Ernest Holmes Sr., of Chattanooga, Tennessee invented the tow truck. He worked in a garage and wanted to construct a truck that could take vehicles out of the water with the use of blocks, ropes and six men. He improved his design and encouraged others to manufacture tow trucks. The PlowA truck carrying a device that removes snow or ice from the outdoor is called a snow plow. The plow clears up snow or ice from the surface of the streets, airfields and other places. The plow has blades that push ice or snow out of the way.The early snowplows were wooden – wedge contraptions drawn by horses. As early as 1920, patents for the construction of snowplow were filed in America. In 1923, two Norwegian brothers, Even and Hans Overaasen built a plow for use in cars. Carl Frink, a New Yorker from Clayton USA, also manufactured car-mounted snowplows. The Fire EngineEveryone runs to the street when they hear the loud siren of a speeding red truck.That is the fire engine. The fire truck is a vehicle that is used in fire fighting. It carries fire fighters to the scene of the fire. It has a big tank of water plus all the gadgets needed to stop a fire.In 2 BC, Ctesibius of Alexandria invented the rudiment of a fire pump which was reinvented by the Europeans in the 16th century. Its usefulness was proven when it successfully extinguished the fires of Augsburg in 1518 and Nuremberg in 1657. Colonial Americans were required to prepare a bucket of water in their front stoop in case of night fire. This was the origin of the bucket brigade that threw the water at fires. The mid -19th century introduced horse-drawn fire engines which greatly reduced response time to fires.A modern fire engine is usually a multi-purpose vehicle carrying the men and equipment for a wide range of firefighting and rescue tasks. The Monster TruckThe Monster Truck is very popular in the United States today. It is not a truck owned by monsters, rather a vehicle modified like a pick-up truck and attached with very huge wheels and suspension. The exciting part of a motor truck show is when the gargantuan tires of the Monsters would crash smaller vehicles. Equipped with Remote Ignition Interruptor (RII), these trucks are able to overcome man-made barriers and help drivers avoid accidents when the vehicles get out of control.In the late 1970s, truck owners were modifying lifted trucks to participate in the competition. Contests were held to choose the biggest truck. Some of the winning vehicles were Bob Chandler’s Bigfoot, Fred Shafer and Jack Willman Sr.’s Bear Foot, and Jeff Dane’s King Kong. The tires of Monster Trucks are huge, approximately 48 inches in diameter. On April 1981, Bob Chandler used his truck to crush cars in the field which was considered as the first Monster Truck. The Dump TruckA dump truck or a production truck is a vehicle used for carrying loose materials (such as sand, gravel, or dirt) for construction. Dump trucks are equipped with hydraulic operated open-box bed hinged at the back, the frontage of which can be raised up to deposit the contents on the ground behind the truck at the place of delivery. In 1920, Robert T. Mawhinney introduced the idea of a dump truck in Saint John, New Brunswick when he attached a box to a flat bed truck. His lifting device was a winch affixed to a cable which operated the pulley above a pole behind the vehicle. The cable was affixed beneath the lower front end of the wooden dump box and connected to a pivot at the rear of the truck frame. A crank raised and lowered the box. At present, hydraulics of different configurations operated dump trucks depending on the specific task required
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Miscellaneous Trucks1. Food TruckFood trucks are becoming popular these days for enthusiastic eaters found them quite convenient. A food truck is also referred to as mobile kitchen, roach coach or mobile canteen. Its basic purpose is to sell food. Some specialized on selling ice cream or mostly frozen or pre-packaged products. Others serve specific meals, such as the breakfast truck, lunch truck or lunch wagon, and snack truck or break truck. 2. Box TruckA box truck, also called cube van, cube truck, straight truck, or box van, is one with a cube-like shaped cargo area. They have a detached box-like area placed on top of the frame. There is a garage rear door that can be rolled up. Box trucks are used to transport appliances, furniture or large boxes; they are also available as moving trucks for hire. The body of a box truck is also referred to as a dry van body or cargo van. The term “cargo van” is more often than not used to refer to a regular full size van. They come in all sizes. 3. Garbage TruckGarbage trucks are used to collect trash which is then transported to a solid treatment disposal facility. Garbage trucks are commonly referred to as trash truck or dump truck. These trucks are a familiar sight in many urban areas. In the past, wagons have been used to carry solid waste. Trucks were then used after its invention
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4. Beverage Truck Cold drink companies and industries that placed their products on the racks use beverage trucks. To accommodate the different sizes of their products, beverage trucks have racks of different sizes. Extremely popular with Cold Drink companies, beverage trucks can deliver huge quantities which are delivered faster compared with other options. The dealers of these trucks are available in diverse states of America. 5. Refrigerator TruckRefrigerator trucks are vans or trucks designed to carry perishable products at specific low temperatures. Like refrigerator cars, refrigerated trucks differ from vans which are simply insulated and ventilated. Refrigerator trucks have cooling devices as they are equipped with a mechanical refrigeration system powered by diesel engine or using carbon dioxide as a cooling agent. Many of the trucks that travel long distances carrying refrigerated cargo are semi-trailers. Additional Links

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