Emergency Roadside Services North Shore Towing & Semi Truck Heavy Wrecker Can Offer You

As a driver, it’s always reassuring to know that if something unfortunate and unforeseen were to occur on the road, you would be able to contact a reliable emergency service provider to lend a helping hand. Here at North Shore Towing & Semi Truck Heavy Wrecker, we’re proud to offer services beyond junk car removal, including 24-hour roadside assistance to Chicagoland customers. Here is a closer look at the emergency roadside services that we have to offer:

Providing Entrance to Your Vehicle After a Lockout

Getting locked outside of your vehicle can be incredibly frustrating. If, however, you’re locked outside and a child or something of important value is locked inside, then the scenario can become even more stressful. No matter how you’ve come to lock yourself out, we can help you to get back into your car and onto your next destination.

Jump Starting a Dead Battery

Many drivers who have never had to deal with a dead car battery naively assume that jump-starting the battery back to life is a simple process. However, many things can go wrong in the process, leaving you down and out and stuck on the road. Instead of giving it a go on your own, call North Shore and a representative will assist you right away.

Changing a Blown Out Tire

Each of the trucks in our towing fleet is equipped to change your car’s tire in the case of a blow out or flat. If you suspect that one of your tires may have been punctured, pull over immediately. Continuing to drive on the flat will make our work more time-consuming and could even cause damage to your wheels.

Here at North Shore Towing & Semi Truck Heavy Wrecker, we also offer emergency services to those who need assistance with towing following an accident. If you’re ever in need of our around-the-clock services, simply call us at any hour to speak with our on-site dispatcher. To learn more about the services we offer drivers throughout Chicago, call us at (847) 864-2828.

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