Junk car snowed in? Junk Car Chicago – Cash for Junk Car – Sell Junk Car

The blizzard of 2011 hit all of us pretty hard in Chicago and surrounding suburbs. Many car owners had no where to park their cars or couldn’t get their cars out of the snow. This caused a major problem for people who own multiple vehicles. For many people, getting rid of a car only becomes an option when owning the car becomes a pain in the neck. With all the snow fall many people are turning to auto wrecking, junk car companies, car buyers, and junk yards to get rid of their cars. It’s not a bad idea either. Junking your car puts cash in your pocket and relieves the stress of having to figure out what to do with that old clunker. Avoid getting parking tickets, paying extra insurance, or having your old car towed but getting cash for your car. Chicago is one of the best places to junk your car because there are so many junk yards to choose from. If you’re looking to pay it forward you can also donate your car to a charity of your choice. You will get a $500 tax write off for doing so and you will have done a good deed for someone else in need.

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