Rental Box Truck Needs Heavy Towing

Box Truck Folds Like Accordion and Needs Heavy Towing

Heavy towing in was needed when a damaged rental box truck needed to be stored in our Northbrook location.   We got a call from Glenview to tow and then store a rental truck that had been damaged while driving beneath a low overpass.  The top of the truck hit and folded up like an accordion.    

We used our heavy wrecker to move the rented box truck from our Northbrook lot to Wisconsin for repairs.  Thanks to Alex for the story details. One last important thought, the renter probably should have used an app that warned him of low clearance areas.  The apps out there are truly helpful and should be used.

Heavy Towing of Box Truck from Low Overpass
Heavy Towing of Box Truck from Low Overpass

Details of Heavy Towing Rental Box Truck

North Shore heavy towing was called for heavy towing in Northbrook when a rental truck was damaged after running headfirst into a low bridge overpass.  The rental box truck had its aluminum frame top pushed back like an accordion. The crash exposed the contents of the rental truck. The renter of the rental truck contacted the rental company, who then sent out a replacement rental box truck. The contents were transferred from the damaged truck to the replacement.  At this point, heavy towing was needed. A heaving towing company in Northbrook arrived with their heavy wrecker. The heavy towing team assessed the situation and decided to bring out a heavy wrecker. They backed in the heavy wrecker to the damaged box truck, pulled out the winching cables and then attached the winching cables to the frame of the box truck. The heavy towing team elevated the box truck with a support. The heavy towing team then drove towed the bow truck to North Shore Towing & Semi Truck Heavy Wrecker’s Northbrook location. A few days passed then the North Shore Heavy Towing Team was asked to two the damaged box truck to Wisconsin for repairs. The heavy towing team backed up a heavy wrecker to the box truck. They heavy towing team secured the left tire. The heavy towing team secured the right tire.  The heavy towing team then drove up IL41 through Highland Park. The heavy towing team drove through Lake Forest and Lake Bluff. They drove all the way to the border with a neighboring state and then switched to 94. From I94 the heavy towing team drove to the repair shop. When they arrived at the repair shop, the heavy towing team disconnected the damaged box truck. First, they disconnected the left side. Next, they disconnected the right side. They then removed the heavy towing chains and put the damaged box truck in a safe place.

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