Heavy Transport of 50,000 lbs 

Chassis Replacement for Heavy Transport Container in Chicago 

North Shore Towing knows how to get your heavy transport jobs completed efficiently and skillfully. A family-owned business, they are well-known in the Chicago area for their 24/7 service and knowledgeable staff. 

Experienced in not only towing, roadside assistance, and hauling, you can count on the North Shore team in the event that you need any parts replaced for your heavy transport vehicles. In case of any issues, they are able to assess your vehicle and provide the best solutions for you. 

They were able to help out with this service recently when the crew received a call from a customer. They were calling about their yellow overseas container which was not able to move. The 12,000 pound container weighed a total of 50,000 with its contents. The container was immobile and its wheels could not move. 

Upon examining the container, the team assessed that the chassis needed to be replaced. The crew had to wait to source a new chassis from another location. Once they received the replacement, the job could begin. 

The experienced team expertly lifted the heavy transport container off the damaged chassis, suspended it, and replaced the damaged chassis with the newly sourced one. Once secured, they tested the wheels and deemed it a successfully completed job – the container was mobile once again! 

Congrats to the North Shore Towing team for their resourcefulness and expert service! Keep up the great work for the people of Chicago! 

Details of Chassis Replacement for Heavy Transport Container in Chicago 

North Shore Towing received a call regarding heavy transport from a customer in Chicago, IL. The call was from a customer with a yellow overseas container that was used for heavy transport. The large container alone weighed 12,000 pounds and the total load of the container plus its contents was 50,000 pounds. 

The customer called because they needed help with the heavy transport container’s chassis. The chassis that the heavy transport container was on had a damaged suspension. Because of this, the container’s wheels could not move and it was completely immobile. 

The North Shore Towing team that had responded to the call assessed the situation and decided that the best course of action for this heavy recovery job was to get another chassis. The damaged chassis could not be repaired on the spot and the team had to source another chassis from another location. 

Once the new chassis was in Chicago, the heavy transport recovery was able to begin. The crew lifted the heavy transport container off the damaged chassis. This allowed the container to be suspended in the air. With the container suspended, they moved the damaged chassis out from underneath the container. 

After removing the damaged chassis, the team put the new chassis underneath the heavy transport container. With a new chassis, the container’s suspension was fixed. The heavy transport container’s wheels were able to move again, allowing it to be mobile.