Tractor Trailer Towing Dorsey Trailers

Tractor Trailer Towing Team Helps with Undecking 

North Shore’s tractor trailer towing team responded to a call for an undecking job. Our heavy towing team is no stranger to helping truck drivers with their decking and undecking needs. Our customers know that they can trust us to keep their equipment and cargo safe, no matter what!

On this particular day, a customer had come into town to deliver three brand new Dorsey Trailers. Known for their durability, Dorsey Trailers has been in the business for over a century! These three trailers were perfect for hauling heavy equipment. They will most certainly be put to good use by a Chicago construction company!

The customer needed to deliver three trailers. One was rolling on the ground with the other two on top. The team used their heavy wrecker to facilitate the undecking process. Within two hours, all three aluminum trailers had been safely undecked.

They could now make their way to their new Chicagoland home! We’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for them on the streets of Chicago!

Keep up the good work team!

Details of Tractor Trailer Towing Team Helps with Undecking 

A customer called North Shore Towing looking for a tractor trailer towing team. The customer needed the tractor trailer towing team to assist them with undecking three brand new trailers they were delivering to a customer in the area.

The customer called the tractor trailer towing team a few days ahead so they were able to arrange a time and place for the undecking. The North Shore Towing team gave the customer the option of undecking the trailers in North Shore’s yard. The customer accepted and drove into the yard as planned on March 6, 2022.

The tractor trailer towing team jumped straight into action. They noted that they needed to undeck a total of three brand new aluminum Dorsey trailers. The tractor trailer towing team used one of North Shore Towing’s new heavy wreckers to facilitate the undecking of the first trailer.

With the first trailer successfully undecked, the big rig towing team used the heavy wrecker to undeck the second aluminum trailer. Once the big rig towing team undecked the third and final trailer, the process was complete!

The customer was ecstatic as the big rig towing team was incredibly efficient in their work. All of his trailers had been successfully undecked without a scratch made to them. The customer would now be able to deliver the trailers to a local Chicago construction company.

North Shore Towing offers a wide variety of heavy duty towing services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These services include, but are not limited to: heavy duty towing, big rig towing, heavy duty recovery, heavy duty winch-outs, truck roadside assistance, decking, undecking, and more!

With state of the art equipment and the best tow truck operators in the business, you can always rely on North Shore Towing to do the job right the first time.