Keep Your Vehicle Winter-ready with Used Auto Parts

Midwest winters really take a toll on vehicles, and you never know when you will need a replacement transmission, engine or tire. Instead of waiting in a long line and spending a fortune having your car repaired at a pricey auto shop, try restoring it with affordable, used automotive parts found right near Chicago.

North Shore Auto Recycling’s inventory of used auto parts for foreign, domestic, late model cars trucks, vans, and trucks is perfect for customers searching for affordable and reliable additions to their vehicles. North Shore Auto Recycling’s two Chicago area locations in Evanston and Northbrook are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, giving our customers the ability to acquire used automotive parts in and around Chicago at their own convenience. With unpredictable weather occurring during the winter months in the Midwest, North Shore Auto Recycling provides used parts ideal for almost any budget. Each part we receive is thoroughly checked and handled with care to ensure your vehicle is not only reliable, but operates to its’ maximum potential.

Additionally, North Shore Auto Recycling wants to keep you and your vehicle safe this winter so to proactively avoid car trouble, protect both you and your vehicle from dangerous weather by bringing it in for frequent oil changes, tire rotations and other maintenance checks.

Most of all, be cautious and take your time when driving in snow or on slippery roads. Chains for tires, proper windshield wipers, headlights and other protective car accessories can all be found within our auto-recycling department at our used automotive parts Chicago division and can help drivers navigate slippery roads. So when your car gives you trouble due to snow, ice and other dangerous weather conditions, skip the long lines and get the service you deserve by calling North Shore Auto Recycling.