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Ask A Chicago Towing Company: 10 Things You Should Always Keep in Your Vehicle!

North Shore Towing Company in Chicago put together this list of the top 10 items you should always keep in your car. We asked our tow truck drivers what items they recommend that motorists keep in their vehicles. Here’s what they had to say!

1. A Shovel- Chicago winters can be rough. Having a small shovel in your trunk will help you get out of the snow without having to call your local towing company (not that we mind helping!).A

2. Insurance, Registration, Important Documents – You’d be surprised how many drivers don’t keep copies of their registration or other important documents in their vehicle. We recommend always keeping them in your glove compartment. That way, you know exactly where they are when you need them!

3. Snacks and water – You don’t want to get stranded without any food or drinkable water. Accidents happen every day, forcing road closures. You can be prepared for a long road closure by having snacks and water in your car. Hanger is a scary thing!

4. A first-aid kit – In case of an emergency, you’ll be glad you have everything you need to treat minor injuries. We recommend that your first aid kit include absorbent compresses, bandages, gauze, antibacterial ointment/wipes, scissors, safety blanket, hand sanitizer, non-latex gloves, instant cold compress, sterile gauze pads, tweezers, and a first aid instruction booklet!

5. Jumper cables – Dead batteries can happen at any time, so it’s best to be prepared ahead of time. Don’t know how to jump start your car and need a boost? That’s what a towing company is for! Give us a call at (800) 481-7505 and we’ll give you a quick jump start.


Quick Tip! North Shore Towing & Semi Truck Heavy Wrecker Company is always here to help! Call (800) 481-7505 for a tow truck near you!

6. A flashlight – This is another essential item for emergencies, as well as dark roads at night. You never know where a breakdown will occur and at what time. We rely on our phones for light but what happens if your phone runs out of battery (see tip #10)? A flashlight is always a good idea!

7 .Seat belt cutter and glass breaker – It’s better to be safe than sorry. While we hope you’re never in the position to have to use a seat belt cutter or glass breaker, we don’t want you to be stuck in a dangerous situation waiting for the police or a towing company.

9. A toolkit – If you ever need to fix something on the go, a basic toolkit will come in handy. Not handy with tools? Call your favourite local towing company at (800) 481-7505 and we’ll be glad to get your vehicle to a nearby repair shop.

10. A phone and charger – Even if you have all of the other items on this list, it’s important to have a way to contact help if needed. Having a charged cell phone is important. You don’t want to have to be searching for a reliable towing company when you’ve been in an accident or are stuck on a dark road with a flat tire.

What are some items that you always have in your car?