Heavy Towing Chicago : Save the Beer!

Heavy Towing Chicago Experts Tow Beer-Filled Trailer 

The North Shore heavy towing Chicago crew recently responded to a job from a customer who was transporting a lot of beer in his trailer. The customer was making his delivery when he misjudged a turn. He hit the median and the suspension and wheels were ripped clean off from underneath the trailer!

The beer-filled trailer was blocking traffic on Clark Street. The North Shore team realized that they needed to work quickly and efficiently in order for traffic to return to normal on the busy street. Upon arriving at the scene, they assessed the situation and decided on the best course of action. 

In order to avoid lengthy delays and keeping the road blocked, the North Shore team decided to bring the trailer back to their headquarters to be offloaded into one of their extra trailers. They hooked onto the back end of the trailer, leaving the tractor and trailer connected.

Once they arrived at the nearest North Shore location, the crew offloaded all the beer onto another trailer and not a drop of beer was spilled! The customer was extremely satisfied and was able to complete his beer delivery. 

Great job to the North Shore crew for completing this heavy towing job! Keep up the amazing work out there, team!  

Details of Heavy Towing Chicago Experts Tow Beer-Filled Trailer 

North Shore Towing & Semi Truck Heavy Wrecker are the heavy towing Chicago experts. Their crew recently answered a call from a customer who was in search of heavy towing Chicago professionals after he found himself in a predicament. 

The driver was driving his trailer filled with beer and was making a U-turn. Unfortunately, he hit the curb and he ripped the suspension and wheels off from underneath the trailer! Thankfully, he was alright, however, his trailer was not. 

His hitting of the curb led to the trailer sitting on the pavement. The trailer could not move anywhere and he realized that he needed to call heavy towing Chicago experts to help him move the trailer. 

The heavy towing Chicago crew from North Shore Towing & Semi Truck Heavy Wrecker left their headquarters and made their way to the location. The customer and his trailer were located on Clark Street in Chicago, not far from Clark Street Bridge. 

Once the heavy towing Chicago team arrived at the scene, they noticed that the trailer was blocking traffic and facing southbound on Clark Street. The heavy towing Chicago crew brought with them a heavy wrecker and a rotator.

They assessed the situation and got started on the heavy towing Chicago job right away. There was not much to hook up onto the trailer, so they needed to hook up to the back of the trailer. The North Shore team could not hook onto the front since there were no wheels in the back.

They decided to hook up to the back of it and they left the tractor on the front of it. A heavy towing Chicago operator sat in the tractor and towed it backward all the way back to the heavy towing Chicago headquarters. 

The heavy towing Chicago crew from North Shore then offloaded all the beer into another trailer once they arrived back at their headquarters.